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Let the cheers come!

Rezortify provides your business a hand to hand exposure to the thousands of travellers looking forward for week breaks and vacation accommodations by bringing your business into limelight among your targeted travellers!
Join your hands with us and bridge the gap between your targeted audience and your business by enabling them to book your services well in advance with us!

No, you don't have to write pages long documents to get this done! It is damn easy!

  • Create your account with Rezortify!!

    Just a simple sign up process awaits you! Fill up all the necessary details that define you and your business so that we can have an idea. After you are over with registration, we will get back to you and approve within minimum possible time (We know you are important for us!)
  • Add your specialties

    Once your account is approved, you would be able to access it. You are then required to update us with all the things that separate your resort and weekend getaway from others! Photos, offers, deals – we would love to talk about them all!
  • Enjoy the coffee!

    Yes, it was that easy! Once the deal gets approved, you just have to wait and enjoy the bookings that come forward!
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Aim to catch maximum eyes?

Lure your business with the ultimate traveloholics and destination lovers! Create a ripple within ocean! And enjoy in return a whole new array of crazy and viral travellers within your place all the year round! Get to manage even those travellers inside your gates who never even heard of you! Won't it be amazing when they will visit you and visit you and visit you? Of course, they can't risk their weekend going somewhere else when perfect hospitality is what you ensure!

We already mentioned it twice, its damn simple!

Simplicity and transparency is what we stand for! You just have to fill a sign up form, get it approved, upload your deal and that's it! No, story is not yet over! You can even change the deal periodically! What matters for us is your presence!

With you... till eternity!

Rezortify is there with you till the end. It's totally risk free and we will never upload any of your thing on your behalf without your prior permission.

About us!

In an aim of creating totally oblivion hassle free environment both for the travellers and the business owners, we guarantee to host an enjoyable environment and vacation for both the entities!
No ploys! No exaggerated content! No profile-raising!
Just fair figures!
Introducing an all-new perspective of holidays!!
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