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Live Beyond Life And Travel Beyond Destinations!

‘Traveling is always a good idea. It helps me escape my monotonous schedule and I completely lose myself in the beauty and amazement of my destination. I love to step outside my comfort zone probably because I need travel more than therapies. And when I return back, I am a new ‘I’.

You know what makes me contribute best during the whole week in office?

‘It is the power packed performance of ‘me’ during the last weekend that instills within me the sense of joy and eagerness, the appetite is satisfied for I already ate the best the last weekend and now I am all charged. Charged to take on the responsibilities and live my life in full while I am on holidays or at workplace’.

‘Does this make me sound like you?’

Discover the missing element in your life by planning an awesome weekend trip with us!

A Little About Rezortify

We help you bring hidden resorts, spas and adventures back to your life. Documents are signed every now and then but memories are made by special occasions.
Work is done daily but enthusiasm comes after a well spent weekend. We aim to make your weekend a special one. Changing your travel habits and shifting it to the awesome places near you, we aim to make destinations more beautiful.

We are bringing to you specially chosen and handpicked resorts and weekend escapades and are presenting them in well compiled form online at rezortify.com.
We’re dedicated to bring the most out of your weekend with no shocking surprises and oops moments.

Make your weekend a tempting vacation!

The Idea Behind

Traveling is fun and planning is tedious. Where to go, when to go, how to go? I am not free this week, I have my classes, I have an important meeting and endless list of tantrum throwing excuses. Taking time out of hectic lives today is indeed a tough task especially when you are aiming at some far distant places.

So should travel and your part of fun and enjoyment suffer just because of this?

Definitely not!

Someone has to take an initiative and so we took it!

We are bringing to you handpicked resorts, weekend getaways and weekend escapades (whatever you might call them!) to rezortify. Rezortify, meaning upgradation of vacations from conventional ideas to awesomeness breaking, to spend, fun and splurge in the comfort of your weekly schedule. No worries even if you have to join your office on Monday.
We will make it sure, you reach there safe.


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Computer Engineer | The silent observer | The positive wave | The problem solver | The travel enthusiast
He is a passionate computer engineer by education with his heart residing in coding and stuff. The ultimate techie in the team. He is a travel enthusiast. Having explored an appreciable number of places till now, his experience is cherished by the team. He is the ultimate positive source of energy. Something goes wrong and it is a low moment, ultimate go under the consultation of him and you will return back with radiating positive power. He is the silent observer and yes, the boss of the team! And yes, a cricket lover!

Electronics and Communication Engineer | The passionate writer | The idea getter | The explorer | The perfectionist

She recently got over with her books and soon discovered her love towards travel. She loves to play with her words. She is the ultimate idea getter. She can intimate you of the new ideas even at midnight and will get it done the best way. She will not mind asking for corrections the hundredth time too if she is not satisfied. She is determined and finds it hard to give off till it is cent percent done. She is the one who is always forcing the team around to work and fetch goals in time.

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Circular Image

Computer Engineer | The wow designer | The go-getter | The workaholic

With more work in his desk than he actually does, he is the one with ‘ha wo toh ho jaega’ attitude. You won’t hear ‘no’ from him. Whatever he takes on his shoulders, he bears it well. This pint size computer-engineer-in-making aims at more than his age! Making it well with his books and passion, he also loves to give surprises.

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